Movie Night at
Tri-Township Park
and Free School Supplies

When can you pick up free school supplies? How about Friday, August 15, beginning at 6:00 p.m. at the Tri-Township Park. The Troy/Maryville/St. Jacob/Marine Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a free night for your entire family. Along with free school supplies there will be free food, refreshments, entertainment and much more. Read more...


Silver Creek Elementary Information

Each month , this page highlights building news, Character Education, parent reminders, PTO updates, nurse’s notes, and Students of the Week. Please remember that success in school is based on the home/school connection. If you ever have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or the Silver Creek Office. 


Thank You for a Fantastic Year!

The Silver Creek Staff and Administration wish you a safe and happy summer!  See you next fall!

Silver Creek Summer Opportunities

Silver Creek will offer two opportunities to keep your math and reading skills sharp over the summer.  

Research tells us that kids need to keep reading during the summer in order to keep their reading skills sharp! But how do we keep kids motivated to read and keep books in their hands?!? We hope to help out with that this summer by trying something new.

Option #1: We are going to open two of our school libraries this summer so even if you don’t have a library card you can still check out books.

If your child is motivated by earning AR points we are also offering Option #2, taking AR quizzes in our computer lab. If you have questions, contact Kim Henke, District Reading Director, at

Reading Registration Form

Take advantage of the opportunity to help your students to maintain and even expand their math skills during the summer months. Our computer based program is designed to give students the opportunity to move at their own pace through a variety of math topics. Every week in June and July beginning June 9th will focus on a different math topic related to the grade level each student will be entering in the fall via the website. Students will work at their own pace through the problems and will achieve mastery on as many skills as they are able to complete throughout the week. In Option #2, a Triad teacher will monitor student progress and communicate with students weekly via email. Example problems will be posted for students to view online to assist them in progressing through the skills. Students who need additional help will be able to contact a teacher electronically to get assistance. Students will also have the opportunity to sign up to work one hour per week in a computer lab setting with a teacher present.

Math Registration Form

Triad Unit District #2 Registration 

All students attending school in the Triad District during the 2014-2015 school year will be required to register on July 21st, 22nd, or 28th at Triad High School from 12:00p.m. to 7:00 p.m.  Proof of residency will be required.  More details about the registration process will be coming soon.

SCE Annual Field Day Celebration

Silver Creek Elementary students participated in their annual Field Day on Friday, May 30th.  Students ran races, played tug-o-war, tag, water relays and had fun with many other planned activities.  A special thank you goes out to all the teachers and parents that helped make the Silver Creek Elementary Field Day a success.

Click to view Field Day pictures.

More Field Day pictures.

Emerson Excellence In Teaching

Triad CUSD#2 is pleased to announced the district nomination of Mr. Chris Schomber for the Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award. Mr. Schomber has been a special education behavior development teacher at Triad School District for ten years. Demonstrating high expectations for his students, Mr. Schomber has had an enormous impact on his students' behavior and academic goals. [Read more...]

PTO Family Valentine Dance at
Silver Creek Elementary

The Troy PTO sponsored a Family Valentine Dance for students and their families from Silver Creek Elementary and C. A. Henning Elementary.  Students danced to their favorite tunes, enjoyed face painting, snacks and getting their pictures taken in a photo booth as part of the festivities. 


Click to view pictures.

Safety First!! - 4th & 5th Graders Learn Live Line Safety

Silver Creek Elementary fourth and fifth grade students attended an assembly to learn about to safely handle emergencies involving power lines.  Students learned how power is brought into their homes and what to do if their is a downed electrical line.  The "Live Line Demo" assembly was sponsored by Southwestern Electric Cooperative. 

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SCE Holds Annual Young Author Breakfast

Silver Creek Elementary students attended a Young Author breakfast in their honor.  Many students participated in the Young Author's Writing Contest by writing and illustrating a story.  Each grade level winner will attend the Young Author Writing Conference in May. Congratulations to all participants and the winners!

Click to view more Young Author pictures.

Parent Resources In light of recent events it is understandable that many parents are questioning how this impacts their child and what to say to initiate conversations at home. Ultimately, it is important for you to ensure that your child feels safe and they feel comfortable sharing with you their questions and concerns. We have compiled some resources to assist you. [ Read More ]

5th Grade Silver Creek Idol

Several fifth grade students competed in the annual Silver Creek Idol. The competition was strong and the students showed off their talents as they danced, sang and performed for the entire student body. What a talented bunch!

Click to view pictures.     Click to view more pictures.

Standards Based Report Card

The Triad School District is now using a Standards-Based Report Card (SBRC) at the elementary level. This is an exciting step for our schools as we work towards ensuring that all students are successful at meeting grade-level standards.  [Read More.. ]



District Introduces Before and After School Service

Triad is pleased to offer safe, high quality, before and after school programming for K-5 children enrolled in Triad Community Unit School District #2 buildings. The "Beyond the Bell" program  provides extended-day care in each of our elementary schools that successfully connects the educational school day with those additional hours that children may need to stay at school. Each building offers the ideal combination of quiet time, homework time, play time and fun. For More Details  ]  

[ To Register and Pay Fees ]

 Pick Up and Drop Off Procedures

Dropping Students Off

The doors of Silver Creek Elementary will open at 8:20 A.M.  Please do not drop students off before this time as there is no adult supervision.  Latch-key services are available for Silver Creek Elementary students through the Triad School District’s new Beyond the Bell latch key program.  Please call 667-5403 Ext. 5305 for more information. 

Between 8:20 and 8:40 A.M., students are welcome to come into the building and either go to their classroom or go to the cafeteria to eat breakfast.  Students who are eating breakfast should report directly to the cafeteria and should not go to their classrooms first. 

ALL students must be dropped off at the front entrance near the main office. 

When dropping off students in the circle drive, please pull past the main front door entrance to the row of cones.  All vehicles between the two sets of cones will unload.  This process allows several vehicles to unload at one time and makes the dropping off process more efficient.  There will be an adult in the parking lot to assist with this process and to assist any students crossing the circle drive to get into the building.

In an attempt to make the morning drop off process more efficient and far safer, we need all parents to practice the following rules:

· Be Ready – Have your students ready to unload quickly before arriving at school.  Keep backpacks in hand.

· Look and Listen – Watch for pedestrians crossing to get into the building.

· Pull Forward – Pull forward all the way to the row of cones.

· Do Not Pass - Stay in a single file line and be patient. 

· No Cell Phones – As a reminder, it is illegal to be on your cell phone in a school zone.

Parking is not allowed in the circle drive as it is a fire emergency lane.  If you need to enter the building, please park in the lot and walk in to the building.  Cones will be placed across the circle drive during regular school hours to remind cars not to park in the fire lane.  If you need to use the handicap parking, you are permitted to go around the cones to access the handicap parking spaces.

Picking Students Up

ALL student pick-ups, grades kindergarten – 5th, will be at the front entrance near the main office.  All parents must park in the parking lot and walk to the front entrance of the school.  Parents must wait outside the school building until the doors are unlocked at 2:55.  Kindergarten and 1st grade parents should wait in front of the main office and library to pick up their student.  During teacher orientation your child’s classroom teacher will give you a designated area in the front hallway to pick up your child.  At 2:55, teachers will escort the kindergarten and 1st grade students to the main office pick up area.  Parents of 2nd - 5th grade students will be required to wait for their students to be dismissed by the teacher at 3:00 to the main office area.  The circle drive will be closed from 2:45-3:15 and no cars will be allowed in this area for the safety of students and parents leaving the building. 

Entering Silver Creek Elementary

During school hours from 8:45-2:55, all doors to the school will be locked and all visitors will be required to use the buzzer to enter the school.  Please remember that anyone who picks up a child from the office must be the parent or guardian OR on the list of emergency contacts for the student.  This individual will also be required to show a photo ID. We apologize for any inconvenience that these policies cause, but we continue to work to make our school as safe as possible for all of our students.

Students Participating in "R" Club

Students from kindergarten through 5th grade are participating in "R" Club at Silver Creek Elementary.  Each week students in "R" Club spend time reading, running and learning to do the right thing.  Lessons include learning about important character traits such as respect and responsibility.

Click to view students in action. 

SIUE Opera Performs Anti-Bullying Message for Students

Four vocal students from SIUE's outreach program, Opera-tion Arts, performed The Billy Goat's Gruff for the Silver Creek Students to show the negative effects of bullying.  This opera portrayed three billy goats as they were trying to cross a bridge and go home, but were prevented by the "bully goat."  In the end, one billy goat, Lucy, stands up to the "bully goat" and is nice to him.  " The vocalists presented the message to tell someone if you are the target of a bully.  They also encourage the use of kindness toward others.  "Kindness is contagious." 

Virtual Backpack 

Silver Creek Elementary is working toward a paperless home-school communication system.  A Virtual BackPack website has been created to assist parents in obtaining information to community resources, services, and information in our area. 

Click the link below to see district approved informational flyers, notices, and registration forms released by the Triad communities.

Triad Parent Resources

 Resources for Educators is a group that has been working to improve and build a partnership between families and schools.  Resources for Educators publish monthly newsletters that provide short articles and helpful suggestions that parents can use to help their children succeed.  Take a look at the monthly news and tips by clicking the link below.

Click below to View Monthly Parent Newsletter

September Newsletter
October Newsletter
November Newsletter
December Newsletter
January Newsletter

February Newsletter
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May Newsletter


Artists in the Making

Silver Creek Elementary students created the covers and designed other pages of this year's 2013-2014 yearbook.  Mrs. Ellis assigned the students to design a picture that shows what Silver Creek Elementary means to them.  Below are some of the winning designs that will be a part of this school year's yearbook.  Way to go boys and girls!! 


Silver Creek Elementary Students of the Week

Silver Creek Elementary is proud to present the Students of the Week.  Congratulations to all of the students!

SchoolCenter Picture

View Silver Creek Star Students!

Easy Ways to Help Support Silver Creek Elementary!

Silver Creek Elementary is participating in the “Box Tops for Education”, "Prairie Farms Our Caps Your Cause"  and the "My Coke Rewards" programs for school. 

These are simple fund-raisers that offer great rewards for our school. 

Box Tops for Education Program:

All you have to do is save box tops that have the “Box Tops for Education” logo.  Send the labels to school with your child.  Silver Creek Elementary will get a cash refund for each label that is collected.  The money that is earned will be used to buy playground supplies and equipment, library books, and help pay for assemblies.


***Silver Creek PTO is having a Box Tops for Education contest that will begin soon.  The class that brings in the most box tops  will win a prize. *****


Prairie Farms - Our Caps, Your Cause Program:

Prairie Farms will donate 5 cents to the Troy PTO for each cap collected. Just purchase Prairie Farms white or flavored milk in gallon or half gallon sizes. Peel off the special 75th Anniversary cap sticker to reveal redeemable code.   This is a simple way to support your child's school.


My Coke Rewards Program: 

After you purchase your favorite Coca-Cola products, to to and sign in.  (You will need to register if you are not a member.)  Enter your codes to collect points.  Search for your Silver Creek Elementary's name to donate the points.  You will then be asked the amount of points you would like to donate.  Click "Donate". 


Schnucks escrip Community Card

Schnucks will donate up to 3% of your purchases back to our school.  Pick up a card at a store or PTO event. 



Target will donate 1% back to your designated school if you use your Target RedCard.  You need to register your card at www.


Online Cafeteria Accounts 

The Triad District is now able to offer parents the ability to manage their child's meal account balances through an online management service called  The service may be accessed via links through our Parent Resources webpage or directly via . This service benefits students, parents and the school cafeteria.  Management of your child's account through this online service will ensure that they never have to worry about carrying cash for lunch purchases and having the money with them at the start of lunch service.  Using the service, parents can log in at any time to make a deposit to their child's account, view their child's account balance, set up recurring deposits to their child's account, set up e-mail notifications when their child's account falls below a certain dollar amount, or request a report showing what the child has purchased on their account. [Triad Food Service]

2013-14 Bus Route Information

The Triad Transportation staff strives to provide the best transportation service possible to children of families who reside outside safe walking routes to our schools.  As you prepare your children for the coming school year, please familiarize yourself with the bus route information for the 2013-14 school year.  Having children know their bus number, their stop location and when to meet their bus is important information that will help them establish familiar routine at the start of the year.  The information is now available, and can be accessed using the link below.  Please direct any questions to our transportation department at 618.667.8851 x.5308.


2013-2014 SCE Bus Routes