Movie Night at
Tri-Township Park
and Free School Supplies

When can you pick up free school supplies? How about Friday, August 15, beginning at 6:00 p.m. at the Tri-Township Park. The Troy/Maryville/St. Jacob/Marine Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a free night for your entire family. Along with free school supplies there will be free food, refreshments, entertainment and much more. Read more...


April 18 – Good Friday (no school)

April 23 – K/1 grade field trip

April 24 – Science Fair starting at 6:00

April 29 – 4/5 grade field trip


April 29 – Blood drive in the cafeteria from 2:30 to 6:30


May 1 - 2/3 grade field trip


May 2 - THS Agriculture Club visit


May 5-9 - Teacher Appreciation Week


May 9 - STL Cardinal Day 


May 12 - 5th grade visit to TMS at 1:00


May 15 – Read, Right and Run Marathon at TMS for participating students 


May 22 - Incoming 6th grade orientation night from 6:30 to 7:30 at TMS 


May 29 - SJES Talent Show at 1:30 in the gym


May 30 - 4th Quarter Reading Celebration at 10:00 and Field Day at 1:00


June 2 - Awards Ceremony and last day of school (11:45 dismissal)



Kindergarten Informational Meeting/Registration

Each year, the Triad School District gives Parents and Guardians of Kindergarten age students the opportunity to prepare for the upcoming school year.  The Kindergarten registration/informational meeting will be held on Tuesday,  April 15th 2014 at 6:00pm at Silver Creek Elementary,  Marine Elementary,  and St. Jacob Elementary.  Child care will be available during the meeting for children, ages 2-10, but reservations are required in advance. Reservations for child care will be accepted  starting on April 1st 2014.  Please call the C.A. Henning office, 667-5401 ext. 5101, to reserve child care.  Parents/Guardians seeking additional information may contact the school building that your student will be attending  in the fall.



2014-2015 Class Configuration

April 11th, 2014

Dear St. Jacob Elementary Families,

At the start of the 2010-2011 school year, we decided to pilot three multi-age classes at St. Jacob Elementary School.  This configuration of three multi-age classes (kindergarten/1st, 2nd/3rd and 4th/5th) combined with six single grade classes (one class per grade level for kindergarten through 5th) allowed us to keep class sizes smaller and more consistent by spreading two grade levels of students into three classes.  After piloting this arrangement for two years and experiencing several benefits of multi-age classes, the decision was made to implement multi-age classes throughout the entire school at the start of the 2012-2013 school year in order to create consistency for all of the students.

One of the primary benefits to the multi-age configuration is that it allowed classes sizes to remain at desirable levels instead of hovering in the low 30’s as in previous years.  Other benefits included use of flexible groupings dependent upon student readiness and exposure to a wide-range of curriculum and instructional techniques. Additionally, teachers broadened their knowledge of multiple grade level curricula and enhanced their ability to differentiate instruction.  Due to the support of parents and teachers, St. Jacob Elementary students maintained excellent test scores over the last three years.

After analyzing the benefits of multi-age classes compared to single grade classes combined with predicted enrollment for next year, we have decided to assign students to single grade classes for the 2014-2015 school year.  The financial challenges the district continues to face make it difficult to guarantee small class sizes even with a multi-age configuration.  Shifting to a single grade configuration will still allow teachers the flexibility to group students according to readiness and to employ a variety of different instructional methodologies.   In addition, though, single grade levels will allow teachers and students the ability to transition to the new state learning standards and state assessments in a single grade level configuration. 

We are confident that we will be able to continue to maintain many of the positive aspects of multi-age classes, including active and cooperative learning opportunities, social and emotional development, and individualized and differentiated instruction.  Furthermore, we will also continue to create opportunities for students to work among multi-grade level pods (kindergarten/1st, 2nd/3rd and 4th/5th), such as during the daily “Academy” time which consists of lunch, recess and library.

St. Jacob Elementary teachers have always been willing to go above and beyond.  Whether single grade or multi-age class configurations, teacher effectiveness is what truly makes the difference.  I am confident that the students of St. Jacob Elementary School will continue to receive the top-notch education that they have always experienced.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.




Jay Simpson



 SJES Character Council

2nd Semester CE Council--Pictured above from left to right: Kimberlyn Nance, Isaiah Bartlett-Duhr, Chelsie Anderson, Reed Wendler, Grace Cawvey and Clayton Mohler.


1st Semester CE Council--Pictured above from left to right--Row 1: Karsen Yonaka, Trevor Eggemeyer and Amelia Barfield and Row 2: Ben Prange, Jenna Lostutter and Drew Burrow


District Procedures for Winter Weather Conditions

Knowing that winter weather conditions can change rapidly and winter storm predictions vary across the metro St. Louis area, we are providing the following information as a reminder to parents of the district procedures in the event that school closes or dismisses early due to imminent weather conditions.

In the event that weather conditions rapidly deteriorate during the school day, the district may be forced to dismiss early in the best interest of the safety of your child(ren).  Once a decision is made, the transportation system can be mobilized in one hour.  Early dismissal notification procedures are as follows:

· Parents receive voice activated call.

· E-mail notifications are sent simultaneously.

· Notification is posted at

If you currently do not have a plan in place for your child if arriving home early, please contact the school by phone or e-mail immediately to discuss the change in your child's after-school arrangements.    Keep in mind that we recommend parents/guardians arranging to have their child picked-up if there is a possibility that a child will be locked out of their home or arrive home without supervision.  Knowing winter weather is difficult to forecast, please know that parents can pick up their children before dismissal if conditions begin deteriorating. 

In addition, we are alerting parents/guardians regarding potential school closings this week due to the Winter Storm Warning.  Triad Schools may be closed more frequently than other districts due to the fact that the majority of our students are transported on buses.  Even smaller amounts of snow when combined with high winds pose real problems in terms of drifting in the rural areas of Marine, St. Jacob, and Troy.

The easiest ways to access the most updated information regarding emergency closing of Triad Schools would be to call the Triad Central Office (667-8851) in Troy or visit the district website at .  School closings will be broadcast on KMOX AM Radio-1120, KMOV-TV Channel 4, KSDK-TV Channel 5, and Fox 2 Now.

Please contact your student's school secretary right away if unsure about the information we have on file regarding your child. 

Standards Based Report Card

The Triad School District is now using a Standards-Based Report Card (SBRC) at the elementary level. This is an exciting step for our schools as we work towards ensuring that all students are successful at meeting grade-level standards.  [ Read More.. ]


This year we will be posting a Triad Elementary Parent Newsletter on a monthly basis that is focused on sharing practical tips and ideas for improving children's readiness and success in school.  We particularly like that these professionally published newsletters are respectful of busy parents by presenting short articles and inviting illustrations which offer helpful suggestions that are easily incorporated into daily practices with children.  The SJES staff members hope that you have time to review these publications and incorporate some of the ideas as you become involved in your child's education over the course of this school year. 





District Introduces Before and After School Service

Triad is pleased to offer safe, high quality, before and after school programming for K-5 children enrolled in Triad Community Unit School District #2 buildings. The "Beyond the Bell" program provides extended-day care in each of our elementary schools that successfully connects the educational school day with those additional hours that children may need to stay at school. Each building offers the ideal combination of quiet time, homework time, play time and fun. For More Details ]  

[ To Register and Pay Fees ]

Academic Excellence Award for 2012

Pictured in the photo from left to right: Jay Simpson, Principal St. Jacob Elementary, Dr. Chris Koch, State Superintendent, Kay Burrough, Principal C. A. Henning Elementary and Jason Henderson, Curriculum Coordinator


On April 3rd, State Superintendent Christopher A. Koch was in Carlinville to recognize 13 schools from nine districts named to the 2012 Illinois Honor Roll. Dr. Koch recognized schools that earned an Academic Excellence Award.  Across the state, 454 schools earned the Academic Excellence Award for 2012.  St. Jacob Elementary and C. A. Henning Elementary were recognized for their sustained academic excellence.  For this accomplishment, the schools earned the Academic Excellence Award due to their performance on the Illinois State Assessment Test.  Schools that earn this award have met adequately yearly progress in 2011 and 2012 as required by No Child Left Behind and 90% of students met or exceeded state standards in both reading and mathematics for the three most recent school years.

Character Education Trait of the Month
There are several exciting aspects to our Character Education program including: classroom parties for demonstrating good character, Character Education assemblies, and even an all-school Character Education Day to take place in the spring. Please encourage your child to demonstrate good character at home! Below is a list of the monthly Character Education traits:
SchoolCenter Picture
  • September - Respect
  • October - Responsibility
  • November - Gratitude
  • December - Fairness
  • January - Cooperation
  • February - Caring
  • March - Honesty
  • April - Pride
  • May - Citizenship


Triad School District Introduces Our New
"Virtual Backpack"

Triad CUSD#2 continues to work toward a paperless direction for many of its home-school communications.  We have recently launched this “Virtual Backpack” webpage to assist parents obtaining information to community resources, services and information in our area.  The categories on this page will assist you in locating district approved informational flyers, notices and registration forms released by area non-profit organizations, intergovernmental agencies and business partners. 

Parents and Guardians are able to access information on activities in the surrounding communities from Family Movie Events in the Park to Athletic camps and activities by clicking on the
Parent Resources link in the navigation column.  Recently added events include Little Knights Basketball beginning September 22 for girls and September 28th for boys in grades 4th, 5th, and 6th. Little Knights Wrestling sign-ups will be held on  October 5th, 6th, and 11th. Girl Scout and Boy Scout information can also be found on this link as well as YMCA information.  Vistors are also given the opportunity to subscribe to this page, which will notify the subscribers of new information posted  to the page!  Everything posted to the Parent Resource page has been approved by the Triad Central Office.



All parents/guardians have the ability to purchase insurance for their children during the time they are attending school.  For more information about purchasing student insurance, please visit the parent resources folder at the bottom of this page where you will be able to access the application as well coverage details. 


School Lunch Program

District students are enjoying using the Triad District's new computerized point of sale cafeteria system at the start of this school year.  The new system has established every student with an account in the cafeteria that can be accessed by using a barcode based on their triad student ID.   At meal time, the students make their lunch selection and use an ID badge, as opposed to our traditional punch card, to track meal purchases and payments.  Currently, we are still taking food service payments via cash or check.  Students will continue to hand their deposit to their classroom teacher in the mornings. We appreciate receiving these transactions in envelopes with your child's name clearly printed on the outside.  While the system will continue to accept cash and personal checks, we now offer parents the convenience of online check or credit card payments toward cafeteria purchases.  Daily food service menus   are available online through Sodexo.

Online Cafeteria Accounts 

The Triad District is now able to offer parents the ability to manage their child's meal account balances through an online management service called  The service may be accessed via links through our Parent Resources webpage or directly via . This service benefits students, parents and the school cafeteria.  Management of your child's account through this online service will ensure that they never have to worry about carrying cash for lunch purchases and having the money with them at the start of lunch service.  Using the service, parents can log in at any time to make a deposit to their child's account, view their child's account balance, set up recurring deposits to their child's account, set up e-mail notifications when their child's account falls below a certain dollar amount, or request a report showing what the child has purchased on their account. [Triad Food Service]